Halfords single burner camping stove

These types of stoves can be brought all over the place and are the same basic design, specifically they all take the  CP250(A4) gas canister, these are small aerosol type canisters. The Halfords one has Piezo ignition which means no matches required, it has the ability to disconnect the canister whilst not in use and comes in a handy plastic carry case, which doubles up as stand so it’s not directly on any uneven floor. This is ideal for making a cup of tea or a one pot meal and I have to say the canisters last a fair amount of time (we always carry a spare in the box in case the worst happens). This is an excellent first stove, why did I buy the Halfords one you ask, simple it was in the sale for £8 with the gas being £5 for 4 canisters, and if there’s any problems with it the first time you use it there’s always a Halfords nearby and you don’t have to post it back to wherever you brought it from presumably at a cost of more than the stove cost in the first place.