Eurohike single and double flocked air beds

We purchased these from Millets during a promotion (Millets / Blacks and JD sports are all part of the same group as a result of this you can have items delivered to any of these stores for collection for £1), the cost was about £5 for the single and £8 for the double. Size wise the single is 76cm wide and the double is 137cm wide, with both being 22cm deep when inflated. They come neatly packed in boxes you may as well discard this as we’ve never managed to fit them back in, with the bed is a patch in case you spring a leak and the valve. Unroll the bed and inflate and off you go. These in my opinion are very comfortable and for all the talk of heat loss through the ground as fair weather campers I can say we’ve never experienced this. Reliability wise these have passed the trampoline test with flying colours (this is where we inflate them the kids jump up and down on them for a good 5 mins whilst we explain they’re not trampolines) it’s also worth noting every time they are used they are subjected to this test and so far no issues.